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edging toward a syrian solution u.n. members agree to soften his statement with moscow ready to put its weight behind a resolution with a no one and i regime to made. in complete russia's un on board warns nato it's too early to pull out of afghanistan which is still plagued by insurgency and drug production. oil exploration off the falkland islands has the u.k.'s brandishing its military might almost three decades after the war with argentineans rage against the by colonialism.
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ten am in moscow i mattress i could have you with us here on r.t. our top story u.n. states have agreed to tone down a proposed security council statement on syria in a clear sign the world body is moving toward a united stance russia said it's ready to back a resolution as long as there are no ultimatums aimed at the assad regime moscow is lending its weight to the efforts of u.n. syria's un's syria envoy kofi annan to broker peace or his middle east correspondent policy as the details. statement as such is a statement that would not be vaguely binding and this is because although the violence in syria has been ongoing for more than a year in that time security council members have been unable to agree on a resolution a resolution by comparison is binding statement is not but it does have the potential to become a resolution at a later stage now russia is backing this statement and has said it will back
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a resolution that will be formulated from the proposal being put forward by the former head of the united nations kofi or not i mean he has a six point peace plan but moscow has made the point that any kind of statement any kind of resolution can not blame stoli needs syrian regime for what has transpired in syria now but we don't have details of course announced plans we do understand that includes elements such as calling for hope for violence such as humanitarian access such as the withdrawal of seclusion if also spawn protest cities and some cities that are under siege and also for the release of detainees with moscow saying that that's that those proposals should be put on the table and they should be discussed and debated at the united nations as soon as possible not a day goes past without reports of dozens of people being killed and again those losses are being experienced by both soldiers as well as the opposition as far as the opposition goes it is
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a fragmented group and it's not quite clear who is in control over oh the united states and other western bodies has backed the syrian national council which is effectively made up of political exiles in turkey russia from the beginning of the cold in the same position which as china has feared that it needs to be investigated from exactly are these rebels who are receiving reports that they have been funded and continue to get chromos as are funding from saudi arabia and qatar we're now hearing from the human rights watch group that it has proof that the rebels have carried. gross abuses in torture as well as in reply is the killings so certainly both sides are to blame in this has been the position that muster has been put forward from the beginning that they really needs to be some kind of accounts in terms of go sides being responsible and both sides being able to look washington based activists jacob hornberger warns when drawing up the un resolution on syria the security council should be wary that some members of
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a history of using mandates for their own purposes. we've seen in the past what the u.s. government does is it takes these what seem to be innocuous nice sounding resolutions and then drives you know a mack truck through them and says all of this justifies military intervention this justifies bombing attacks and no fly zones and so forth i would assume that the russians are going to be very cautious about the wording of their resolution but but i think we should keep in mind that no matter what they do with these these resolutions these interventions they always end up with a worse situation where there's much more death and destruction is so forth that if there is intervention my position is just leave this to the syrians to resolve what guides us foreign policy is getting their people into public office around the world and it's led to the disastrous consequences we see in iraq afghanistan elsewhere around the world where people despise the u.s.
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that's why some of us are saying it's time to dismantle this whole regime change foreign policy of interventionism in undeclared wars. why an editor of a london based arabic newspaper says we should be looking to the bigger picture with syria as a stepping stone to the real goal of iran. i have a feeling that. you cannot isolate syria from iran if that's the full definitely it would be easier for the west and iran because it means the man is to seek the throne. for the lies and for thousands of seed in the seed of war please which actually have to speak and the war against iraq and all that do that you have to invade syria to invade syria is very very complicated adventure could be very closely i have a feeling that the worst does not intervening in syria because they determine what they are going to do with these of the their programs are they going to bomb if he
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decided to bomb. i think we will and seated together i'm hizbullah i think we will launch a war and i believe that sending. the war will take place the question is when. you can see the full interview with joe barry at one editor in chief of a london based arabic newspaper in about twenty minutes. moscow says the u.s. led coalition forces should not be pulling out of afghanistan yet as the mission there hasn't been completed there are issues envoy to the u.n. a stressed the problem of drug production is rather with trafficking cash being used to fund terror or to even read a port i reports from new york. according to international law it is the security council that house to give approval and write a report before all of the troops can withdraw from afghanistan what ambassador churkin indicated is that the fact that there is an escalation in violence that's
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ongoing and terrorism continues to be a threat he said it is ill considered to establish arbitrary deadlines for withdrawing troops if the situation in afghanistan right now remains very critical and very unstable ambassador churkin said that security viable security needs to be established before international forces leave one of the many concerns or churkin raises the fact that protects reduction and illegal sales of drugs continues in afghanistan he said the production of opiates increased by sixty percent in twenty eleven and the fact that he said that there has to be stringent measures taken to eradicate the drug fields and drug crops in afghanistan he went on to paint what we could consider a very scary picture of this circumstance in afghanistan with many civilians
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still being killed by airstrikes led by nato forces and an upsurge in violence still taking place there so the point that is being made by the russian ambassador to the united nations is that the nato forces cannot just withdraw on a specific date of a specific year if afghanistan is not stabilized recent incidents including u.s. soldiers shooting dead sixteen afghan civilians and copies of the koran being burned in u.s. military bases have severely undermined the campaign anti-war activist richard becker says americans are far from reaching their goals despite plans to withdraw in two years. oh one fifth of all of the u.s. and nato troops who have been killed this year having been killed by people wearing afghan military or police uniforms present occasion that the so-called how to ration of these forces to take over from the u.s.
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and nato is very very far from being a reality and there is no sign of the u.s. war in afghanistan has really been going on since one thousand seventy nine and some breaks. it started then it's now the latest phase been going for ten a half years and no one can claim i don't think that they are any closer to the objective of military victory which is then the real objective and there is no such thing is in sight the united states is determined to keep some bases and key bases continuing to try to aspire the drive to surround both russia and china and they want to do that but it's there's no possibility i don't think that there can be stability without that people of afghanistan being able to exercise their right to self-determination and to take matters into their own hands stay with us here on
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r t still to come a decades long dispute between britain and argentina entering a new phase with london making the most of its distant corner as well it still can . but first a series of blasts have rocked several cities in iraq killing at least forty six people and injuring almost two hundred the latest violence nine years after the u.s. led invasion of the country started and ahead of next week's arab league summit in baghdad and how we're activists michael radel says nato has left a deadly legacy in iraq. well i think what we have to remember the back is it's probably still under occupation. we may have seen the withdrawal of combat troops but there are still tens of thousands of what western media would refer to as private contractors but we all know that these are paid mercenaries hired killers and it's in their interests and it's in the interest of the leads around the world to keep this keep this conflict going there won't be any change in these countries until not only to the soldiers in the armies leave but all the private contractors
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gone too and also the puppet governments that have commonly been put in place by the americans and the british no i think we've. destroyed a country we've destroyed its culture we've also destroyed its future its children in the last nine years the u.k. in the u.s. military have dropped over two thousand tons of depleted uranium on iraq. places like saluja. cancer spreading in that region. childhood child birth effects of just washing off the scale this is already contaminated the ground contaminate the ground water so for that for the foreseeable future the iraqi population and not going to have a future that they can be optimistic about it's all. it's been more than a year since the start of the uprisings across the middle east there were protesters first rallied under banners of democracy when you know if i had the arab spring has curtailed rather than broaden their liberties or he's outside of boyko reports from beirut. no shortcuts the current nation bank meant in beirut stretches
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for over seven kilometers giving exercises plans here from to test their stamina is the only good most popular jogging ban you across the arab world for some lebanese it's actually a symbol that their democracy is up and running freedom may be a very political concept but to most ordinary people usually means something very concrete to me for example it's inability to go for a job without being harassed and lebanon is the only arab countries things that can allow me this freedom rather try to go for a job in egypt last year i was physically threatened when i tried to do it leave it was automatic gunfire rather than my old figure that made me sweat. the plight of female joggers may seem miniscule in big round scale of things but ultimately it's about living your life as you choose susan and no other arab country she says which
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should be able to dress like this but alone enjoy the outdoors with your boyfriend this softening of social norms didn't happen overnight but for susan it is just as valuable product of lebanese homegrown democracy as being able to watch a political opinion i was born here say i suffered a lot there because it's it's too too too limited i have to cover my face my eyes my whole body what i'm hearing being over here believe me your drug of democracy you is it just to walk around and hop on with this and start in the way i love do the things i love not a problem it's about having to share things with others while the arab spring spread under the vanner of democracy for many it came at the expense of basic freedom to choose your lifestyle that islam is taking over politics in egypt not really just women are increasingly forced to cover their heads in public to protect themselves from being harassed in libya militia now want to control nothing. the
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future but also the past saying something positive about the gadhafi era can get you killed we can look at the record of what the arab spring has wrought in terms of so-called democracy and it's a catastrophe has as could have been predicted as was predicted at the operate because police if you go into egypt if you go to libya you have arm bands that have been armed the so-called opposition national council and they're shooting each other to fight for the picket so it's total anarchy and chaos in syria where armed rebels are also calling for western support of their democratic aspirations fighting for freedom all but killed a normal life sending your children to school without fear or not having your house destroyed this is what freedom often means for the average person and according to these syrian leaders this is what was sacrificed when the opposition took up arms many across the arab world a longing for social and political change there is
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a widespread conviction that overexuberant western rooting for the opposition quite literally heals big genuine democratic movement you cannot export democracy people can achieve a former participation in government that is consistent with their values when you try to export something from abroad into a country you very often end with the results that we saw in libya where before there was any foreign interference in that country there was an estimated at the highest five thousand people killed after that the highest estimate so that there are hundred thousand people killed but the west arab democracy may be a one off exercise a project to get done and over with i just love unknowns example shows the real freedom like a muscle needs time and sustained effort to grow as an oblique artsy beirut lebanon . well website argy dot com you can find more news blogs and videos here's what's
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a click away right now. from our u.k. student will stand trial for posting what's being called a grossly offensive message about the afghan war on his facebook page. and a russian drug users may face up to three years in jail as authorities step up the battle against addicts all this and more dot com. he. says. the official. from the.
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video. feeds. on the. long running dispute between britain and argentina again heating up ahead of the thirtieth anniversary of the falklands war this time it may not be about sovereignty of the islands but oil exploration off its shores was hard for better reports. first the prince then the warship all apparently routine but toward tina the message is clear. it's a regional and global issue because they're not rising in the south atlantic one more time try as we meet we can't interpret it any other way here sending a destroyer the words out that is huge in modern along with the heir to the throne we would have liked to see him in civilian clothes not in a military uniform. on the island sovereignties fiercely disputed argentina
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claims them as last mile venus the u.k.'s latest show of strength comes at a delicate time less than a month before the thirtieth anniversary of the war that claimed over nine hundred lives six hundred fifty of them argentinian an ill timed coincidence or a deliberate provocation whether there's any anniversaries completely irrelevant to us here it generally is routine there's no attempt to escalate anything but i do recognize the argentinean president is seeking to put a different interpretation on it for fighter jets missiles and a state of the art destroyer to terence enough to argentina it's like a red rag to a bull flag burning and protests against what it sees as a colonial hangover the empire may be dead but the sentiment still very much alive in britain today because like lord stanley a celebrated here is the man on the island capitals named after the balkans
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themselves maybe small and distant with their last whispers of wants extensive reach giving them up is simply out of the question britain refuses to negotiate on the island sovereignty and till the people who live there want to know wonder with the three thousand inhabitants direct descendants of britain's colonists the four clans belong to me as they are precious we have a right to self-determination and shined in the charter. were happy to to talk. argentina about everything except sovereignty sovereignty is not the case but the u.k.'s posturings left its subjects their high and dry argentina's blood supply ships in retaliation this lump of rock may not seem worth fighting over its thirteen thousand kilometers from britain and cost seventy million pounds a year to defend but with all the oil exploration just beginning off the coast they suddenly a lot more to lose spoil gas respecting has become more widespread in terms of
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exposure then i think it's it's helped to ratchet up the crisis between britain motion tina marsh and she was going to give you if the four probes in the waters to the north contain lots of oil and gas reserves the commercially exploited then of course there's a fear that britain in the falklands beauty would never wish to negotiate about the future of argentina claims it's being wrought with britain sets a yield up to sixty billion barrels of oil from under its nose no surprise the u.k. still refuses to negotiate then after origin time protests but others are now listening the islands are amongst just sixteen territories left in the world the un says need the colonizing for now though britain's making the most of its distant corners whilst it still can either bennett's r t london let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines across the globe two french police have been injured in a shoot out as officers surrounded
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a home in toulouse where the suspect in the killings at a jewish school is hiding a twenty four year old is refusing to surrender the interior ministers of the man is a french national of algerian origin well officials say he belongs to an islamic terrorist group on monday a rabbi his two sons and a schoolgirl were shot dead their bodies have been flown to israel for burial pillars also suspected of shooting dead three soldiers of north african descent. a little. dozens of i.q. by war street acted. now camping out in new york's union square but fear they could be evicted soon protesters have been at the new location since saturday when a police raid forced them from zuccotti park hardcore activists say they now have to start from scratch and are calling for more people to swell the ranks they're also demanding the resignation of the city's police commissioner over what they call his brutal use of tactics against their will for. seven point two magnitude quake has hit southern mexico at least eleven people have been injured
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hundreds of buildings damaged or destroyed in mexico city a pedestrian bridge collapsed crushing immediate bus and downing telephone power lines quakes hit mexico every few years the strongest in one thousand nine hundred that killed at least ten thousand people valerie's has come under sharp criticism for executing two men found guilty of a deadly terror attack in the capital minsk the e.u. was preparing to adopt new sanctions and issue a resolution against the country but metro bombing in the capital in april last year left the dead and more than three hundred injured two men found guilty of carrying out the attack were executed by firing squad last week president alexander lukashenko called europe's allies dictator refused to pardon them despite numerous please both from within his country and abroad human rights groups question the fairness of the trial but luka shango insists everything was done according to law . process of those. so prove it was absolutely transparent to the
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investigation was laid for the new head of the company's investigative committee which is toward the prosecutors of course it's also russia's federal security service the f.s.b. israel's mossad with interpol all to part of this investigation none of these organizations have any questions bradley inquiry i'm just to prove and most importantly of my personal request every step of the investigation since the first interrogation was recorded on tape recorder not once since the arrest of the defendants claimed innocence testified to the issue of everything and charges have been supported by evidence and the trial itself was held in open court that's was absolutely no doubt about the fairness of the birth of your freedom the good news is that you're. here more from belarus as president or if you show spotlight throughout thursday here on our t.v. well that's true over now the business desk where he is joining us live with all
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the latest what's up. well we've got lots going on at the my about matching the russian market have just been it's very early days but right now we're seeing small gains but also saying it's all about china at the moment because that the first actually market that i place that they set the tone for a much less you can say it's a negative outlook right there because the nikkei and the. both polluting at the fights at sea and commodity stocks are really sailing off to china raised its fuel prices by the most in. two years an executive from the hate people at an also knowledge is china's demand for iron ore is made out and there tumbled over the repairs sense as you can see stocks are in the declining and that's a second day and it's no surprise that mining stocks are really taking a tumble. because of that statement coming from the hague. if we move on have a look at the u.s.
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and see how they finished up yesterday because they managed to come off of their historical highs as you can see the dow jones around half a percent down the nasdaq just slightly in negative territory there are some big imports and existing home sales coming out of the u.s. later today that investors will be keeping their eye on ok moving going to see how the markets are faring at this hour a big amount in three months actually they've been having three makes sense the most we've got all kinds of news coming out about all of the moment because supplies in the u.s. are on the down try and so therefore we can see the prices increase but added to that would be interesting to see if we see a hike later wrong because saudi arabia has said that they're going to boost their supplies to counteract the iranian embargo that take place in july because the e.u. sanctions so be interesting to see how the markets perform today because they live you have said that they're going to increase it they're surprised if we look at the
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currency is that we can see the dollar is now dropping against major rivals including the drug trade is a favorite pair but it's on the china concerns and improves hopes after a greek parliament approval of the bailouts the ruble dropped against the greenback going to have new figures in about thirty minutes time for the ruble for today's trading session let's take a look at the actual official figures for the of the russian market as you can see it is obvious a slight gains as i said it is indeed early days i just friends in the last twenty minutes or so we'll be watching those today for you if you get on to gold. gold is actually gaining value as the greenback makes dollar price commodities such as a billion more attractive to say that gold may retain its crown from platinum as the more expensive metal within six miles europe's debt crisis and chinese slowing demand for. on investment for alternative. dogs always becomes popular when
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there's a crisis it's now moving on to other stories general electric are expecting there to trickle in a rush so when the u.s. withdraws trade restrictions i'm talking about the ducks in a van a cow the president of the firm's russian unit says that a lot of us from a rapidly growing market right now the u.s. exports to rushed about four percent versus east asia twenty nine percent and european union about forty three percent so the us has a big opportunity to increase its trade with we have. jaxon van to commemorate and grand prix and to your well be able to take advantage of that so reduce the tariffs for equipment coming from the united states and also give us a little playing field against or european asian counterparts if we see jaxon van it being repealed in russia being granted p.n.t.r. by the united states we expect our sales to triple by two thousand and twenty in russia. ok next hour i'm going to have the stock figures on the russell markets
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will be monitoring the situation in moscow joining them three to five minutes.
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